HOT Digital Pass - Watch Now

HOT Digital Pass - Watch Now

Join HOT for our 60th Season with a special year long pass for just $60!

This pass is good for 'admission' to the HOT Digital 20-21 Season productions:

Lee Hoiby's Bon Appétit! (available through June 30, 2021)

Chicken Skin Serenades featuring a performance by Quinn Kelsey

Menotti's Amahl and the Night Visitors

Mozart's Bastien and Bastienne

Laura Kaminsky's Hometown to the World

And an exciting HOT Exclusive to be announced soon!

Along with this, you'll be able to watch free videos from the HOT Archive, behind-the-scenes videos, HOT Talks, Education experiences, and more!

HOT Digital Pass Members will also receive a discount on a to-be-announced special concert event.  Now grab your popcorn, make sure it's HOT, and sign up or gift this to someone you love today!

We'll see you soon at your Virtual Concert Hall!

*** Subtitles ***

To turn on closed captioning and subtitles, click the 'CC' button on the ride side of the video screen. To turn this feature off, click ENGLISH and scroll to NONE. For more information on turning on subtitles :

HOT Digital Pass - Watch Now